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Lex Machina has the most accurate, complete, and transparent analytic data, as well as exclusive Outcome Analytics that you can only find in Lex Machina. Our data is compiled, cleaned, and enhanced by an exclusive combination of machine learning and in-house legal experts, updated every 24 hours. 

Learn here about some of the capabilities that set us apart from other analytic tools. Then schedule a test drive with one of our legal experts to see the insights we can produce for your next case.


Only Lex Machina’s Outcome Analytics provide damages, findings, resolutions, and remedies, which are critical to understanding what happened in a case, and knowing who won.

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Our unique Case List Analyzer helps you find all the cases like yours, with our exclusive practice-specific filters and tags, which let you look up e.g. a list of data breach class actions or insurance cases concerning business liability policies, based on actual pleadings documents.

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Only our patented Attorney Data Engine corrects and adds missing counsel data, producing an accurate record of the appearances of your lawyers and your opponent. By using document-based analysis we include records that other systems simply will never see.

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Only Lex Machina allows you to show your work, and drill down from high level trends to the underlying dockets and documents. We also provide you the definitions so that you always know what you’re looking at and where the information came from.

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Second-rate analytics aren't good enough. Your clients expect the best. Our legal experts will put you in the driver's seat and let you experience why no other analytic tool even comes close to Lex Machina. Be sure to schedule your test drive today!