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Lex Machina’s 2020 Product Liability Litigation Report looks at trends and insights in federal district court. The Product Liability practice area has the highest volume of cases in the Lex Machina database due to the large number of multidistrict litigation (“MDL”) cases.

The report includes analytics about case filings, districts, judges, parties, law firms, and more. Each section discusses analytics including MDL associated cases and non-MDL associated cases in order to gain particular insight into this unique practice area. This report features Federal District Court data from 2010 to 2019, with a focus on the last five years.

The report covers the following analytics:

  • Case Filings
  • Top Districts and Judges
  • Most Active Defendants
  • Top Law Firms
  • Case Timing
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Case Resolutions and Findings
  • Damages Awards
This report presents data from Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics platform. Using machine learning and technology-assisted attorney review, raw data is extracted from PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records), which contains documents from Federal District Court. The raw data is then cleaned, tagged, structured, and loaded into Lex Machina’s proprietary platform. This report is prepared by the Lex Machina Product Team using charts and graphs from the platform. Commentary is provided by Lex Machina’s legal experts.

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