View the recorded webcast: Better Outside Counsel Selection With Legal Analytics!

Watch Lex Machina’s Sr. Director Kyle Doviken as he interviewed Steven Geiszler, U.S. Chief Intellectual Property Litigation Counsel at Huawei. Have you ever selected a lawyer based on fuzzy criteria and gut-feel? With Legal Analytics you now have access to crystal-clear information that helps you decide who is the best fit for your case. Watch this webcast to view the discussion on how Legal Analytics can help with just a few clicks, review the track record of a lawyer, review previous clients, assess the experience with similar cases, and the outcomes that were achieved.

These key topics and others were covered:

  • Analyzing counsel performance
  • Comparing law firms and attorneys side by side
  • Uncovering conflicts of interest
  • Reviewing achieved outcomes
  • Anticipating litigation spend

choose best council webcast 2.png