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Lex Machina has released the very first comprehensive Insurance Litigation Report. The 24-page report provides an overview of federal district court litigation for insurance cases. Revealed in this report are the latest findings and trends, including information on: 
  • Top Insurance Litigation Firms 
  • Top Parties in Insurance Litigation
  • Top Insurance Judges
  • Timing Metrics
  • Case Resolutions
  • Damages
Lex Machina’s 2018 Insurance Litigation Report examines the latest trends and insights from Insurance litigation data gathered from cases in the federal district courts. The data set includes cases (including class actions) involving disputes between an insurer on one side and a policyholder, a beneficiary, or another insurer asserting the rights of a policyholder on the other.

Encompassing over 93,000 U.S. District Court cases and counting, Lex Machina’s Insurance Litigation Module represents the most comprehensive and accurate dataset available for analyzing Insurance litigation in the federal courts. It analyzes the experience and behavior of judges, case timings, findings, damages, injunctions, the track records of law firms, and more. From precise timing metrics that inform legal budgeting, to trends among top law firms and leading judges, Legal Analytics provide customized insights that supplement traditional research and accumulated experience.

Leveraging this data gives companies and lawyers a competitive edge—companies can select counsel based on a proven track record, and lawyers can provide better outcomes by applying data to their strategies, whether drafting a motion for summary judgment, negotiating a settlement, or formulating trial strategy.