Recorded Webcast: Case Tags and Outcome Analytics: Essential Functions for Litigation Analytics

Litigation analytics are most effective when you are able to find cases like yours and then quickly understand what happened in those cases. Lex Machina’s case tagging and Outcome Analytics are just two examples of ways that you can determine what happened in the most relevant cases to your matter. Join Rachel Bailey, Data Relations Manager, and Marissa Skudlarek, Software Engineer at Lex Machina for this 30-minute webcast recording, where they discuss what it takes to create tagging systems and Outcome Analytics and how that benefits your practice.

They will cover:

  • The engineering work behind Lex Machina’s tagging system and why it leads to the most complete and accurate case sets available
  • The human expertise behind Outcome Analytics and how this high-value information can help you understand what happened in cases like yours
outcome analytics webcast 2021.png
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