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Whether you represent consumers or companies, learn how Legal Analytics can help you succeed in Consumer protection litigation. Protect your clients against unfair trade, inaccurate information and unethical business with data-driven strategies, so your legal team can be more competitive and efficient.

This webcast will help you understand how legal analytics can help build a strategy and develop your litigation plan. Gain insights into specific consumer protection claims and learn how to apply current trends to your own litigation strategy. Learn how to leverage legal analytics, including:

Gain critical insights into consumer-protection specific damages, and remedies to craft winning settlement strategies.

  • Analyze the performance of attorneys and law firms.
  • Analyze how long it will take to reach key litigation milestones.
  • Anticipate case outcomes, findings, and assess the chances for damages being awarded.
  • Plus much more.

Start leveraging analytics to build your litigation strategy and take your practice to the next level.