Webcast Recording: 2024 Survey - The Impact of Legal Analytics

Join Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina, as he interviews Steven Lerner, Senior Reporter at Law 360, to discuss our latest Legal Analytics survey: The Impact of Legal Analytics. The study was conducted in January 2024 among U.S. litigators, librarians, and legal business professionals at law firms of varying sizes. We received responses from 358 individuals between January 8 and January 16, 2024.

The annual survey highlighted several important perspectives that shine a spotlight on the crucial role Legal Analytics plays in leveraging the most cutting-edge technology to aid attorneys in elevating their practice and satisfying their clients.
In this webcast, our speakers will discuss:

  • How Legal Analytics users leverage data to their advantage
  • Seeing the drivers and the benefits of analytics in law
  • Hear examples of how Legal Analytics has made a crucial difference in litigation and business
  • How technology adopters such as Legal Analytics users feel prepared, excited and concerned about generative AI

And more!

2022 survey webcast speakers.png