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API Webcast 2.0: From Basics to Better Decision Making 2022 

Register for this 30 minute recorded webcast! Lex Machina is proud to host the second webcast in our series on leveraging our API. In the first webcast, Learn API Basics, of our series first recorded on May 17, 2022, Dave Slusher (Lex Machina's Developer Advocate) outlined API basics for attendees interested in this crucial topic. In this next webcast, Dave will show how APIs go from abstract academic pursuits to enabling new features that are impossible without the API. At the end of the webcast, attendees should have a concrete understanding of some ways in which they can utilize APIs to improve their businesses.

This webcast features Justin Brownstone, Principal Product Manager, and Dave Slusher, Developer Advocate.

API 2.0 webcast speakers.png